Coffee… Is it Good or Evil?

Coffee ! Cortisol ! Metabolism ! Palpitations ! Sleepless nights …. But I love it !

How many times have you heard all the above in a conversation about whether to drink  or not to drink coffee? I for one love a cup of coffee a day.. for no other reason than the fact that I enjoy the taste! I have recently had a chat with a friend in her thirties who did not drink coffee because her apparently charismatic biology teacher at school mentioned that coffee is not good for the heart…

So is coffee Good???

Coffee-TimeOR… Evil???


Let’s see how all the terms mentioned above link together and I will aim to make it as simple as possible…

1. Cortisol is our Fight or Flight hormone produced by the Adrenal gland. It is the crazy stuff that gets you to wake up and get out of bed.

2. By that token, Cortisol is at its highest concentration in the early morning, or when you are stressed out physically or mentally.

3. The highest the Cortisol concentration, the more need for energy that the poor body perceives to need to counter that stress factor… delusion is that that stress is physical.

4. To get energy, a catabolic impact hits so that glycogen storage, muscle and fat start to break up to release glucose in the body.

5. More glucose = more insulin and due to the fact that most of our stress is mental and does not require activity to take place, then Insulin starts storing the excess sugar in the areas you hate….. becoming a bit more overweight.

6. How does Coffee fit into this whole routine?  …Caffeine enhances the production of Cortisol and hence causing that chain effect mentioned above from 1 to 5. Hence it is not recommended to have coffee at the times when Cortisol is at it highest! Research recommended having your cup of coffee at 10.30 am as Cortisol will be at its highest between 7 am – 9.00 am and around 1.00 pm.

I would also recommend you do your cardio workout in the early  morning, specially if you are after weight loss, to take advantage of the surge of energy released by the Cortisol concentration…

Alright….. Bottom Line…Is Coffee Good or Evil?

All good in moderation. If you are in love with your coffee taste then Decaf is a good alternative… otherwise, 1-3 cups of coffee a day would still be ok.. if you try to avoid the Cortisol peaks…

Hope this was useful and gets you ready for your next cup of Coffee ..



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